Having experienced extreme trauma and seeing the consequences that has on day to day life and on one’s wellbeing Katrina wrote the LIFECHECK programme to pass on the tools and techniques that helped her appreciate herself and her life on a completely different level. Having coached (private individuals, sports professionals and corporate management) for over 20 years in different countries she has motivated and helped facilitate change in many people’s lives. 

Are you just managing and not feeling alive and enthusiastic? Lacking self confidence? Not where you want to be in your life? At a life change or crossroads moment?

If you are experiencing:

  • Difficulties in your relationships; work, love life or even with yourself?
  • Discontent with your career or not knowing the way forward
  • A loss of direction in your life; blocked or stuck in a rut?
  • Loss of self; work, relationship, image
  • Unhappiness or restlessness that you cannot shake off
  • Issues with your body or health; self-bullying or self-harming behaviour 
  • Stress, anxiety or overthinking 
  • Problems dealing with a past trauma, anger or unfinished business
  • Difficulty adjusting to changes that are out of your control- including repeating the same damaging behaviour to yourself and others 
  • Or if you simply don’t know what to ‘do’ in order to improve your life…

this course is a must for you.

Step back, refocus, change your negative core beliefs, see things from a different angle and mindset.

For example, the brain does not know the difference between what’s imagined and what’s real and tells the body to act accordingly by releasing chemicals into our body and by repeated behavioural patterns.

The LIFECHECK course is designed to enable you to ‘check’ in with yourself and where you are in your life, consider where you want to be, and most importantly, how to get there.

What painful patterns and behaviour are you repeating to find yourself in a place that you don’t want to be?

Becoming self-aware is the key. You can change negative thoughts and behaviours that continue to make you unhappy. Learn how to recognise and stop negative spirals of how you view yourself, others and your world.  Reprogram your mindset into positive thinking, self-belief and worth, allowing you to achieve your personal and professional life goals.

The LIFECHECK programme

This course runs for two hours a week over a six-week period or over two days or a weekend and is designed for small groups or individuals – enabling you to gain additional strength and insight.

Together, we will consider those ‘question mark’ moments in your past, confront any mistaken beliefs, change negative thought patterns, work on eliminating negative self-talk and take steps towards changing your life for the better.

Katrina Love; psychotherapeutic counsellor BSc (hons), MUKCP, MBACP, positive mindset coach and international trainer and columnist has written this course that utilises proven techniques from a range of therapeutic disciplines that will enable you to get your life back on track fast.

Why does this programme work?

  • Small group or one to one with qualified therapist and Lifecheck coach
  • Specially designed work books that you will go through with the trainer and keep as a reference
  • Interesting and relevant course material that is interactive and fun to do
  • Affordable prices

“I did the Lifecheck course last year and it was amazing, life changing, it made completely turned around my view on the world and the impact has been so positive- very happy!”  FD

“When I left the session, I expected the sky would be a different colour… my view on my life had changed so much for the better. Thank you Katrina” SB