Q: This is the time of year when happy couples and family holidays are taking place around us. But what about the rest of us? The singletons or the independents in a couple…

A: Most of us at some point have the daydream (that most of us don’t follow through on), that escape… going alone. So why do so few of us not go away on holiday by ourselves?
Let’s look at the negatives and Positives.

Our (often imagined) negatives could be:
That we will feel lonely, left out, we will be unsafe or we will be judged as a ‘Billy No-mates’ as we have no one to go with… and there could be a lack of confidence, or fear, that something bad will happen.

Positive reasons to consider:
Solo holidays are easily accessible to us – beaches, retreats (yoga, fitness and health), walking and hiking plus various adventure and adrenaline breaks. There is independence, freedom and empowerment to be found in stepping outside out usual comfort zone.

There is no shame today in going on holidat alone. I recently went away on a clean food, yoga and mindfulness retreat in Portugal. Were there points when I questioned my sanity? Sure, but it was a life changing positive experience and I’m so glad I did it.

And here is an interesting statistic: more than a third of Britains are travelling alone and over 58% of travelling solo is done by woman. So perhaps instead of compromising on a holiday with someone else, look for you inner singleton and consider going alone!