IT’S TIME to do a Lifecheck. Let’s stop and do a full appraisal and change what needs to be changed. This is your life – you’ve got time to do this. If not, make the time.

Grab a pencil and paper (old skool I know) or notes on your phone and let’s write this doen – you need to write it down so that you don’t forget and it can be a point of reference.
We can all take the time to think about what went wrong last year and why this may have made for a difficult and trying year, but I would like you to note down what actually didn’t go well for you. eg: a relationship ending, putting on weight, not doing things that you hoped to etc.
So what things didn’t work and why? What could have gone better? What is the lesson there?

Now let’s look at the opposite of this – what actually went right? What did you achieve? Eg: getting healthier, improving relationships, getting fitter, great holiday. So think why did you succeed, what worked and why? Now out of 10 (10 being the highest score), rate yourself on these:

  • Health and body
  • Emotional and personal growth
  • Intimate relastionships
  • Social and fun
  • Family and friends
  • Work and career
  • Finances
  • Acts of kindness/giving

So what marks ahve you honestly given yourself and what would you like to achieve this year? Also how are you going to go about achieving it? And how will you feel if you don’t?

Let’s Start with focusing on just one change. Choose which one will make the biggest difference to you.
I am imagining the one that will make the biggest difference to all of the others is your emotional and personal growth. Good mental health is more important than anything else. Once you have achieved this it will affect every other part of your life. So let’s look: Who are you? Who would you like to be? what makes you happy? What are you doing for yourself? What do you do to recharge yourself? What do you need?
It will often come down to self love, self care and self compassion. Treat yourself the way you would like others to treat you – because your behaviour towards yourself is the bench mark to how others will treat you for sure.

To establish a new behavioural pattern it is easier to continue a good new habit if we are rewarded in some way for it. As I am suggesting we start with self care, this should be rewarding enough in itself, but also on a practical level, mark in your diary (or on notes) that you have done it. Try and build up a streak of 10 days and then reward yourself – perhaps put money aside for a holiday, or trainers, or a day out.
2019 is all about you and your happiness, and you happiness will have a ripple effect on all those that you touch in turn.

Happy New You!